Potterton Combi E133 boiler too much hot water

Hello All,

Somebody please help as very hot water is coming from my seven years old Potterton combi E133 boiler in taps & showers & because of this problem, I am unable to take shower or wash dishes. Should replacing the boiler will help me in this regard?

Thanks for your kind suggestions and help


Hi Jim,

After reviewing your problem, I would like to say that the thermostat is not working properly.  Nevertheless, the thermostat is always accountable for this issue whenever the central heating system of your Potterton boiler uses a cylinder or even container of the very hot water. It is better to replace the thermostat for rectifying the problem. However, as you said that very hot water is coming in taps & shower, then check the various taped up parts of a shower.

Potterton Main boiler explosive ignition

My Potterton Main boiler is having the problem of an explosive ignition. The boiler is almost five years old. Will restarting my boiler help me in fixing this issue or should I seek help directly from the Potterton Main boiler engineer?



Hi Anthony,

Before moving ahead, I would like to mention that an explosive ignition is extremely dangerous and anyone who is facing this issue should fix it immediately. There are two main reasons behind this issue i.e.

  • Slow Ignition controller is faulty
  • Compact pilot flame

The solutions are as follows:

  • In case of damaged slow ignition controller, replace it
  • For compact pilot flame, you have to clean or even replace a pilot injector assembly

Potterton Statesman boiler burner issue

Hi Folks,

Someone please help me to solve the problem regarding my four-year’s old Potterton Statesman boiler. The problem relates to the boiler’s burner. The burner starts well, but unluckily there is flame & oil to it. What could a possible reason behind it?

Thanks in advance


Hi Joy,

According to the boiler’s user manual, some possible reasons along with their solutions are as follows:

  • Presence of oil in the boiler’s tank, if this is case refill it
  • All the control devices are open from the tank to the burner. In this case, you have to open the valves
  • Sometimes, it could be due to a blocked filter or nozzle. It is recommended to clean & even replace the components. If a nozzle is blocked, replace it

I hope it will solve your problem

Potterton Combi Boiler problem with radiators

Hello Everyone,

I have to face an extremely bothersome issue due to my two years old Potterton combi boiler. I have noticed that only a few radiators of the boiler are working properly i.e. (they are hot) while some radiators are not i.e. (they are cold). Has someone faced this issue? If yes, then please share your views.

Thanks a lot


Hi John, sometimes a few radiators of the boiler become stubborn and as a result, they do not produce the heat properly. The foremost effect is fruitless energy, irregular heat & high electricity bills. Firstly, try to check the control devices located on the different sides of the boiler’s radiators. The purpose of these control devices to control a flow so, if one control device is sealed & you suspect irregular flow, and then surely you have to face the issue of uneven heat. The simple way out is to carefully adjust these control devices for confirming that, these devices are having an adequate amount of the hot water.

Potterton Promax Combi boiler no pilot light

Hi All,

My Potterton Promax combi boiler is about five years old. The boiler is extremely good & I highly recommend it to others. However, the only problem I am facing now days is quite weird, as the boiler’s pilot light has gone out. I have tried the different ways to make it work after reading the user manual but I guess, I am not doing all this in a right way. Therefore, I will be highly grateful if someone helps me

Thanks a lot


Hi Steve,

There are several possible whys and wherefores behind the absence of pilot light however sometimes; the main culprit is clogged pilot jet. Due to this, it is difficult for you to diagnose it straight away. It is advisable to seek help from the Potterton boiler engineer. He will disassemble your Potterton Promax combi boiler in order to check & clean its pilot jet. After doing so, he will reinstall it.

Potterton Suprima 30 E119 error code

Hello Guys,

I have bought & installed my Potterton Suprima 30 one year ago. The boiler is displaying an E119 error code for last three days. Due to this, the boiler is not working. I have restarted it several times but all in vain. Someone, please help me



Hi Tony,

In Potterton Suprima 30 boilers, an error code E119 deals with the low-pressure faults. You have to face this problem whenever the boiler’s pressure goes below bar 0.5. Well, do not worry, as the simplest solution is right here. Just open a filling loop & try to increase the boiler’s pressure. You might have an exterior filling loop or even an in-built. The best way is to; read the user guide manual on how you can use the filling loop for increasing the pressure safely.

Potterton Combi boiler fan speed is not adequate

Hi Everybody,

After installing the Potterton combi boiler three years ago, I was quite happy with its performance since last night. Now, I am not satisfied with the performance of the boiler, as it is not working in the approved manner. I have tried to investigate the problem and reached a conclusion that fan speed is not adequate. Someone, please tell me that what should I do?

Looking for help


Hello Smith, every boiler owner should know that the fan always works properly when it has the adequate speed.  Because when it does not has the adequate speed, it becomes extremely dangerous. For that reason, it is important for you to fix this issue on urgent basis. However, do not try to fix it at home. Do call a skilled Potterton boiler engineer. He might replace the boiler’s fan & some other broken parts if required for inhibiting additional loss.

Potterton Combi E133 boiler’s gas jet is resonating

Hello Folks,

I have bought and installed the Potterton Combi E133 boiler three years ago. Nowadays, I am looking for the authentic information on a problem, which my boiler is facing. The burner of the boiler vibrates a lot and due to this, it is producing the very loud & annoying resonating sounds as I turn it on.  What should I do in order to get rid it of?



Hello Adam, from the above-shared information, I must say that you have to consider the below-given reasons for fixing the issue in a better way.

  • Check the gas pressure, you have to call the gas company on an urgent basis in case the gas pressure is very low
  • This problem can occur when there is the recirculation of the ignition gases.  To address the issue, do check the gas tube and supply of air.
  • Finally, sometimes adjustment of the gas/air is not properly set. You can fix it by checking the adjustment of gas & air while attesting the settings.

Potterton Suprima boiler irregular heating

 Hi Guys,

I am here to seek advice on a problem, which my five-year old Potterton Suprima boiler is having since last two days. The boiler does not follow any fixed pattern of heating. In other words, heating usually comes at irregular times. Sometimes, I feel extremely annoyed, as I have to wait for hours in order to get the required heating. Should I replace the boiler?

Thanks in advance


Hi Laura,

Sometimes, the cheap mechanical devices, which are fitted in the Potterton Suprima boilers, become weak and as a result, highly breakable. Always remember that never try hard to turn the mechanical devices back as they can break easily. When this is a case, you always have two possible options i.e. replace the old mechanical devices or seek advice from the boiler engineer. 

Potterton Combi Boiler not firing up

Hello Everyone,

I have the Potterton combi boiler, which is roughly three years old. As per my experience, it is a good boiler but nowadays; the boiler does not fires up, as it should be. I have tried to fix the issue at home but no success. What should I do?

Thanks for your kind suggestions


Hi Tim, I must say that this issue is quite common in Potterton combi boilers. Usually, the exact reason behind this problem is faulty PCB. I would advise contacting the skilled Potterton boiler engineer for fixing the issue sensibly. The boiler engineer will run few important electrical tests by using the multimeter for checking the suspected breakdowns in the circuit. You have to replace the PCB if the wirings are working in the approved manner.