Potterton Combi boiler fan speed is not adequate

Hi Everybody,

After installing the Potterton combi boiler three years ago, I was quite happy with its performance since last night. Now, I am not satisfied with the performance of the boiler, as it is not working in the approved manner. I have tried to investigate the problem and reached a conclusion that fan speed is not adequate. Someone, please tell me that what should I do?

Looking for help


Hello Smith, every boiler owner should know that the fan always works properly when it has the adequate speed.  Because when it does not has the adequate speed, it becomes extremely dangerous. For that reason, it is important for you to fix this issue on urgent basis. However, do not try to fix it at home. Do call a skilled Potterton boiler engineer. He might replace the boiler’s fan & some other broken parts if required for inhibiting additional loss.