Potterton Combi Boiler problem with radiators

Hello Everyone,

I have to face an extremely bothersome issue due to my two years old Potterton combi boiler. I have noticed that only a few radiators of the boiler are working properly i.e. (they are hot) while some radiators are not i.e. (they are cold). Has someone faced this issue? If yes, then please share your views.

Thanks a lot


Hi John, sometimes a few radiators of the boiler become stubborn and as a result, they do not produce the heat properly. The foremost effect is fruitless energy, irregular heat & high electricity bills. Firstly, try to check the control devices located on the different sides of the boiler’s radiators. The purpose of these control devices to control a flow so, if one control device is sealed & you suspect irregular flow, and then surely you have to face the issue of uneven heat. The simple way out is to carefully adjust these control devices for confirming that, these devices are having an adequate amount of the hot water.