Potterton Combi Boiler Turns off Automatically


My Potterton combi boiler was working fine until now but developed a serious problem as it keeps turning itself off automatically. Is someone there to help me on this matter?



Hi James

There could be three main reasons behind this issue, firstly, perhaps your Potterton boiler is leaking. If not, then you might have the damaged pressure relief valve & will need to replace it by an engineer. Another reason relates to the thermostat, if it has been broken then your Potterton boiler cannot identify the temperature of water & it will turn itself off to prevent the machine from overheating. You have to change the thermostat. You can save your money by buying a new thermostat as it can reduce the energy bills in future. Finally, do check the water flow. If the Potterton boiler keeps turning itself off, it can be because of closed valve, broken pumps & air gathered in the system.