Potterton Combi E133 boiler’s gas jet is resonating

Hello Folks,

I have bought and installed the Potterton Combi E133 boiler three years ago. Nowadays, I am looking for the authentic information on a problem, which my boiler is facing. The burner of the boiler vibrates a lot and due to this, it is producing the very loud & annoying resonating sounds as I turn it on.  What should I do in order to get rid it of?



Hello Adam, from the above-shared information, I must say that you have to consider the below-given reasons for fixing the issue in a better way.

  • Check the gas pressure, you have to call the gas company on an urgent basis in case the gas pressure is very low
  • This problem can occur when there is the recirculation of the ignition gases.  To address the issue, do check the gas tube and supply of air.
  • Finally, sometimes adjustment of the gas/air is not properly set. You can fix it by checking the adjustment of gas & air while attesting the settings.