Potterton Promax Combi boiler no pilot light

Hi All,

My Potterton Promax combi boiler is about five years old. The boiler is extremely good & I highly recommend it to others. However, the only problem I am facing now days is quite weird, as the boiler’s pilot light has gone out. I have tried the different ways to make it work after reading the user manual but I guess, I am not doing all this in a right way. Therefore, I will be highly grateful if someone helps me

Thanks a lot


Hi Steve,

There are several possible whys and wherefores behind the absence of pilot light however sometimes; the main culprit is clogged pilot jet. Due to this, it is difficult for you to diagnose it straight away. It is advisable to seek help from the Potterton boiler engineer. He will disassemble your Potterton Promax combi boiler in order to check & clean its pilot jet. After doing so, he will reinstall it.