Potterton Promax Leakage in Central Heating System


I am here to share my problem regarding Potterton ProMax boiler. Two days ago, I heard some weird noises like whooshes & hisses directly coming out of the central heating system and today my boiler’s heating system is losing pressure whenever I turn it on. I am worried will someone please help me?



Hi Nail, apparently it is due to the leakage in boiler’s central heating system. I would suggest calling a specialist to resolve this issue immediately before the leaking water will cause severe damage to the boiler’s heating system & walls and floor around it. Meanwhile, you can also find the leaks by following these steps:

  • Fill your boiler with water to examine that how much it takes for water to drain
  • Place colored paper or sheet under your boiler. In case you see any drops on the paper or sheet, it will be very easy for you to find the leakages in the central heating system.
  • Do check different parts of your boiler