Potterton Suprima 30 PCB

Hi Folks,

I have replaced PCB to fix the lockout issue, for Potterton Suprima 30 installed roughly 5 years ago. Only after 6 months, it started giving the same problem. Even reset is not serving the purpose and the boiler is in constant lockout state. Please help


Hi Jess, going into a lockout state and not starting is common now a day for Suprima boilers due to the enhanced security check. Water flow plays a critical part here and will lockout the boiler if a motorized valve is closed or water pump fails. A timer controls the valve and overall, the boiler will not work if the water pump is having issues. For testing, if the water pump is working fine, you need to keep boiler off for like an hour. Switch it on and gently touch/tap the water pump body to see verify it is cool. If it is getting instantly hot, it implies that pump is short and replaced to overcome lockout issue.