Potterton Surprima Condensate Pipe


I bought Potterton Surprima boiler 5 years ago. It was showing a great performance until yesterday. Unfortunately, yesterday I realized that boiler’s condensate pipe is blocked or frozen. Can I fix it at home?



Hi Jonny,

Condensation is a normal issue in the boiler & is caused when gas in the boiler is burned in order to generate heat. Usually, this condensation will discharge automatically directly into drain outside or inside the house. Unprotected or incorrectly installed condensate pipes of the boiler can freeze easily in extreme weather conditions thus, preventing your boiler to work properly. You can fix it easily, just go outside the home, and find the condensate. It is advisable to try using the hot water kettle to liquefy it out. After this, remove a condensate pipe & drain to a container. I hope that this information will help you.